In The Press 2022

Dylan Kerr, the main therapist of was recently featured in the press giving opinions to the financial channel Bloomberg.

“It’s very similar to being at a roulette table,” says Dylan Kerr, an online therapist…. .. .who has treated about 15 self-professed crypto addicts and accepts payment in cryptocurrency. “It’s seemingly never ending, and it demands your attention,’’ Kerr says of crypto-trading. “If you take your eyes off the prize, you could miss out on massive opportunities and incur massive penalties.”

– Dylan Kerr in Bloomberg, April 22, 2022

Crypto-trading, although a legitimate way of making money for some, can sometimes be masking other pains in a person’s life such a depression and addiction. Dylan Kerr is a therapist who has successfully provided service to those who have suffered in their mental health through the stress of online-trading.

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